The Process for Giving:

Please note that CHAP-AID can only receive money from individuals in the form of cash or cheques in Euros drawn on a French bank and made out in favour of CHAP-AID and not the

For those who are tax payers either in France or the UK there are tax-efficient ways of giving to charities. A brief outline is given below.

For French Tax Payers

Many well-established French-based charities are able to issue a Reçu Fiscal for any gifts given to them, and this enables donors who are French tax payers to receive a very generous 60% tax rebate in the following year if they present this Reçu to their French Tax Office when returning their tax forms.

CHAP-AID itself cannot yet issue such tax certificates for French income tax purposes. However, for those wishing to reclaim on their French tax, a solution can be found by writing a cheque or arranging a bank transfer directly to the charity concerned, with a request that a Recu Fiscal be issued.

For UK Tax Payers

It is important to note that UK Gift Aid is a separate issue. CHAP-AID and the Chaplaincy are not able to transfer funds to a UK based charity. Rather, sterling cheques should be sent directly to the charity concerned. If they are UK based the recipient charity may be able to provide a tax certificate for UK tax payers.