March 2017

Dear ChapAid Member,

It is time once again to invite you to the ChapAid General Assemblies to be held after the Chaplaincy AGM.  Your Council has been beavering away during 2016 to bring up to date our statutes and to meet your wishes for putting your charitable donations into effect.  Whatever may go on behind the scenes, this is very firmly your Charitable Association; one which we aim to run smoothly on your behalf in accordance with the guidance of the Charity Commission.  I hope this summary of the ChapAid policy document may be helpful in giving you an insight into how we operate on your behalf.

 Purpose of ChapAid

The Chaplaincy as an Association Cultuelle may under no circumstances make any donations from its own funds to charities.  The vehicle through which groups and individuals within the Chaplaincy are permitted to make charitable payments on behalf of the Chaplaincy to outside bodies is Chap-Aid, which is an Association Caritative, independent of the Association Cultuelle.

Membership of ChapAid Council

Members of ChapAid, who are elected at an Annual General Assembly or an Emergency General Assembly to serve on the Council, become Trustees of ChapAid.  Trustees have a duty to ensure that ChapAid operates within the scope and constraints of its statutes.  They also have a duty to satisfy themselves that the charities selected to be supported are active in fields that fit ChapAid statutes and that they in turn operate actively within the scope and constraints of their own statutes. 

Choice of Charities to be supported by the Chaplaincy

Any ChapAid member may propose to a Council member the charity(ies) that they would like to see supported by ChapAid.  The choice of charities to be supported is the responsibility of the ChapAid Council.  Such proposals will be subject to due diligence by the Treasurer. If this proves satisfactory, such charities shall then be subject to approval by Council members. The charity must be a registered association, having its own statutes with the aim of providing relief for those in need or supporting outreach and care to individuals and groups in France and in other countries, in a spirit of Christian concern.

The Bishop’s Lent and Advent Appeals, together with the Chaplaincy wide appeals in favour of a rapid response to any major emergency as proper for Chap-Aid will be supported.

Each sector may propose the nomination of up to 3 charities from the Chap-Aid list of approved charities.  ChapAid would wish to encourage at least one of these to be a French Charity focusing on the under-privileged. In principle we ought to support the small charities rather than the larger ones, as ChapAid donations would make a significant difference to their ability to meet their statutory objectives.

Support to other charities

For the avoidance of any misunderstanding, none of the above policies (which relate to the way in which ChapAid operates) prevent individuals who are also Chaplaincy members from making personal and private donations on their own behalf to any charity of their choice outside the scope of ChapAid.

With best wishes

Patrick Sturges

President of ChapAid

AGM Reports for download


Chap-Aid AGM Minutes 2016 unapproved

Letter to members with Summary of policy document

PAST PRESIDENT's report 2016-17

Donor's Bill of Rights

Minute providing guidance re statutes

cry in the darkCry in the Dark Charity Weekend with Steve Cooper- September 17/18th

Join us for an exciting opportunity to learn more about one of Monteton Church’s sponsored charities, to meet Steve Cooper, the South London Lad who started it all back in 1998, and to hear the inspirational story of how he was moved to give up everything and devote his life to setting up and making a success of the Charity. This is about Christianity in action!

Steve and his PA Beth Johnson will be joining us at the Treasure Hunt and Afternoon Tea (14:30pm) on Saturday 17 September at Allemans du Dropt, and on Sunday 18th at the Prayer & Praise service at Monteton Church on 18th Sept, followed by a Bring and Share lunch.

'Cry in the Dark' is a UK-based charity whose vision is to put Christian love and compassion into action by reaching out to children and young people of any race, creed or faith who are marginalised by poverty, sickness or disability. Steve Cooper's 620 mile sponsored bike ride last year raised £20,000.

While the event on Sat 17th will be on similar lines to the successful one held last September, the Treasure Hunt, starting at the Salle Fallières at 2:30pm, will be "all new", focused on the other side of the river. Nothing strenuous! - just a gentle walk spotting clues along the riverside by this pretty village, distance about a kilometre, taking an hour or so. Please wear trainers or sensible shoes. If the weather is very bad, then a quiz will be held instead. Last year a few people felt that the Treasure Hunt was more than they could manage; if this is you, just let us know; you will be welcome to join us for the English Afternoon Tea afterwards.

The tea will be in the comfortable Salle Fallières, from 3:30pm onwards, with sandwiches, cakes and scones, all on bone china, with three-tier cake stands and even waitresses sporting frilly aprons! Last year, a very happy “customer” observed that it was like having tea at the Ritz! As this is being written, “The Team” are already assembling lots of prizes for the raffle.

Last year the event was a sell-out. Places are limited and tickets at only €10 per head must be booked in advance. So to reserve yours, please contact Mike or Linda Craxford-Smith, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tel: 05 53 94 70 63. Proceeds will go to Cry in the Dark and other church sponsored charities. Click here to visit the Chaplaincy website and our page for Monteton Church

Generous Charitable Giving in 2015
chap aidThis year so far, Chap-Aid has distributed 13, 916 € to 24 charities, 5 of which are focused on the needy in France and received 5900 €: Emmaus, France Fraternal, Resto de Coeur, Cancer Support France and France Altzheimer.
The balance of some 8000 € went to 19 charities across Europe, Asia and South America, who help those affected by natural disasters. The majority of these donations went to Shelterbox and Christian aid in Iraq and Syria.
Every year each of our 8 sectors nominates two charities that they would like to support, one in France and the other International, usually involved in disaster relief. In addition we have a general fund which we use for quick response to a disaster emergency.